Monday, August 25, 2014

Changes and improvements

You may have heard that some things have changed, or some rumors.
Well, there have been some changes and there are some rumors. I've sold natures express, as my time to devote to the project has been "slim-to-none" for the last couple of years. Three people were laid off, not fired as some suggested. New management has taken quite a bit of flack for no valid reason. I understand that the employees were angry, but in the restaurant business anger is generally not a sentiment to "take public" but I appreciated all who worked hard under my employ.

There were no qualified candidates to hand off management to from within, as my head chef turned the job down. I found some buyers who are dedicated to my vision of sustainable healthy vegan food. Their choice of management is excellent, and the people from Donut Farm (Pepples Vegan Donuts) serve some of the best non-gmo vegan food in the state as well as run a 100% organic vegan bakery.
Pepples is an Alameda county certified green business, as Natures' Express hopes to be soon.
I hope to encourage all who enjoy the food at Natures' Express to encourage Mr. Levine and his team as they forge ahead, and make my vision an economically sustainable one for the first time.

Please continue to support the restaurant, as our recipes, food, vision, and mission is indeed the same.
Onward and upward, all of us, and God save the kale!

Dr. Myers