Monday, December 7, 2009

Igniting a Food Revolution

Pessimism, Realism, and the Birth of a Superhero

Contemplating the crisis in healthcare, global warming, and topsoil erosion leaves me pessimistic, concluding that modern culture does not serve us well. However, pessimism doesn’t work to solve such big issues, which require a more optimistic, can-do approach, so I strive to leave pessimism behind me.

Although change may be rational (eating healthy food versus junk, for example), the sheer force of cultural momentum means that change is not readily forthcoming. However, as the negative results of current behaviors appear, such as childhood obesity, forces arise in opposition to the status quo.

A rational revolution evolves when there are frameworks to channel these reactive forces. We founded Nature’s Express to create just one such framework.

A second requirement for a cultural revolution is abundant wisdom. Such wisdom keeps an optimistic perspective despite significant negative momentum. Such wisdom (think Gandhi) also embodies the unconditional love that overcomes the hostility and fear of the status quo.

I realize all this, yet often slip back into pessimism. Alas, my love for mankind still is somewhat this side of unconditional. I am, as yet, no Gandhi.

TurnipMan to the Rescue

TurnipMan has been a rather silent logo since the inception of Nature’s Express, waiting for branding to design his purpose. Although kids seem naturally drawn to him, his corporate persona has remained somewhat vague - but no longer.

TurnipMan will become the Nature’s Express symbol of optimism, embodying everyone’s wish to do good deeds. He loves all and wants to serve everyone healthier food. Courageous, yet filled with consummate compassion, he is as joyful as the Dalai Lama in the face of adversity. He wishes to learn to fly and wants a superhero’s cape for his birthday!

Through his unbounded optimism and good cheer, TurnipMan hopes to become a world-changing ambassador.

When you see him, wish him luck, buy a burger, and leave a tip.

Expressly yours,

carl myers

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