Saturday, January 29, 2011

Principle #2 – Breaking old habits by squarely facing the truth

Like most of us, my friend Jane (not her real name) has more than a little weight to lose. She is quite competent at her profession, and people know her as someone you can go to when you need help.
But Jane recently confided to me that cheese was her downfall. She went on in detail, lovingly describing all the kinds of cheeses that she could just not live without. She might be an organizational wizard at work, but when it came to cheese, she was powerless.
From other discussions, I knew how much Jane wanted to be fit and healthy. She knew the facts; cheese is high in calories and high in saturated fat. With her family history of high blood pressure, she had a concern about the high salt content, as well.
How might Jane address her dilemma?
Here is where the magic of principle # 2 works, right at the point where it seems impossible to change. Squarely facing the truth creates a positive energy that leads to lasting life-changes.
There are three steps to tap into this potential:
- First, clearly assess your reality as it is now
- Next, imagine the future exactly as you want it to be
- And finally, don’t fudge. Let the tension build between the way things are and the future you envision.
For Jane, the reality is putting cheese on everything is just not healthy. Her “vision for the future” is a healthy weight and more energy. If she clearly keeps both in mind, her subconscious will work on giving Jane the roadmap for successful change.
If you are seeking to creatively approach old problems with new solutions, I suggest the book, Path of Least Resistance, by Roger Fritz. It is an inspirational read that can bring the magic of “squarely facing your truths” to your life.

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