Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Getting enough vitamin X

As essential as it is for good health, scientists have yet to be able to put vitamin X in a pill. It relieves depression, decreases diabetes and heart disease, increases energy, improves sleep, and keeps one slim. Maybe you have already guessed that Vitamin X is exercise! The next question is - how much Vitamin X do you need?

Studies have shown that 30 minutes of moderate exercise three times a week has major health benefits. Moderate exercise is defined as the level of exercise achieved by walking 90-100 steps per minute.

Would more exercise lead to greater benefits? Yes, more exercise leads to more benefits. But public health experts are concerned that advocating too much exercise will discourage people from even getting started. One practical answer to the exercise dilemma of “how much” is to adopt the following two-tiered approach;

Tier I - No matter what, commit to 30 minutes of exercise 3 times per week. If you need to work up to that level, use the next 6 weeks to get there.

Tier II – At the start of every month, decide whether you will go beyond 90 minutes of exercise per week. Then do whatever you can to reach this level, but if you fall short, that’s ok. However, don’t ever let your level of exercise fall below the Tier I minimum. Then when the next month begins, decide your new target level.

No one else but you can provide your Vitamin X. If you have had difficulty starting or maintaining an exercise program, try the 2-tier method. It is a great tool for success.

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