Friday, April 1, 2011

Remembering a higher purpose

Recently I was a guest speaker at the Church of Spiritual Living. At the
last minute, I was asked to address the children before they left the service
for Sunday school. I was still looking for what to say as their curious eyes
peered up at me in the front of the sanctuary.

“I have a very serious matter to talk about with you today. On behalf of all
the adults here, I am asking for your forgiveness. I would like you to forgive
us for contributing to a world which encourages children to become obese.”

I am not sure who was more surprised by my words, the children or me.
They became quite still, intently pondering my request.

After a few moments of silence, I went on. “ By the compassion I see in
your eyes, it is clear that you have forgiven us. Thank you.” It was a magic
moment as the children realized their true feelings had been understood.
In the few minutes left, the children eagerly expressed their rather mature
understanding of forgiveness.

The children energized and inspired the congregation that day. The moment
reminded us that we are indeed responsible for the culture that shapes our
children’ s lives. This can happen in so many ways. Every time one passes
up a donut and instead chooses an apple, one not only helps your own
health, but the health of the community.

Contemplating how our choices affect everyone around us adds purpose and
gives added meaning to our lives. Realizing this also gives us the gumption-
to do the right thing.

If you want to be successful in making better choices, remind yourself every
day that your positive actions benefits everyone.

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