Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Learn From Weight Loss Experts

Despite the fact that Americans spend $50 billion per year on weight
loss, the rate of obesity continues upward at an epidemic pace.

But there are people that have bucked the trend, trading in their obesity
for a lifetime of fitness. How do they do it? What can we learn from
these successful dieters?

Researchers at the National Weight Loss Registry monitor over 4000
dieters who had kept off the weight for years. Here are their top five
keys to success.

#5. Avoid temptation - Successful dieters have learned not to rely
on will power alone. We all tend to overestimate our ability to resist
temptations. So they developed routines to avoid situations that would
challenge their willpower, such as never shopping without a list and
always taking a healthy lunch to work.

#4. Follow a consistent eating pattern – Compared with unsuccessful
dieters, those that succeed always ate a healthy breakfast. They also
kept the same eating habits not only Monday through Friday, but also on
the weekends.

#3. Monitor weight at least once per week – Just as important is to
have a specific plan of action when the weight goes up.

#2. Exercise – Physical activity is a priority in 9 out of 10 successful
dieters. Walking was by far the most frequent exercise, although
anything aerobic on a regular basis works. Adding muscle-building
exercises also helps, increasing the calories one burns 24/7.

So, what was the most common characteristic of successful dieters?

#1. They changed what they ate. 98% of successful dieters said they
switched to healthier, more nutritious foods - eating less sugar and
loads of fruits, veggies, and beans.

If you want to be successful, follow these five tips from the weight-loss

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  1. Thanks, Dr. Myers. That was awesome.

    I did have a question. When will you have all the nutritional information on all your menu items? It says on your web site that you were updating it soon(as of last August). I am tracking my food and have a challanging time eating in your restaurant because of that. I have requested it over and over in the Yuma restaurant with no luck.