Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Be a giver to get healthy

When researchers looked at older adults who had volunteered in a program
to help inner-city schools, they discovered a key to healthy living.

By helping children, the volunteers dramatically improved their energy level
and memory, and decreased their level of chronic pain. Even their sense of
balance had improved. The findings documented - by helping others we help

In his book “ Why Good Things Happen to Good People,” Stephen Post
documents other examples of the benefits giving. He describes the feeling of
a “ giver’ s high” as well as other boons – not only physical, but also mental
and financial - received by givers.

But this also works in reverse – ‘ Get Healthy to be a Giver’ . The
Framingham Study showed that if someone recently gained weight, the
odds of their friends and family gaining weight in the next twelve months
increased significantly. So, when people maintain a normal weight, they
help both friends and family stay fit as well. We are all part of a tightly
integrated community, which works either to promote health, or, as in the
case of the obesity epidemic, to decrease it.

We have an exciting opportunity with Healthy Yuma 2011 to become part
of a community network to give the gift of health. Whether helping others
reach their exercise goals or doing volunteer work, the benefits
accrue to the entire community. Resolve to become more of a giver in 2011,
and the universe will raise its glass and proclaim, “ Here’ s to your health!
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