Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Want to succeed? Write down your goals.

Success gurus all agree on the importance of writing down goals. They
also stress the importance of daily review, each day visualizing how
good it will feel when success is achieved.

What is so compelling about written goals? The answer is best
understood by examining the way our brains work. The majority of
the brain’s function happens at a subconscious level. Our subconscious
constantly reworks our neural networks, integrating “high priority”
items into what we think and what we do. Unfortunately, “high priority”
to our subconscious is often not what we truly value.

The input that gets stamped “high priority” depends on three things
– repetition, emotions, and our senses. Advertisers are masters of the
subconscious. That is why we hear ads over and over, see so many
suggestive models, and have jingles jangling in our heads. Repetition,
emotion, and an appeal to our senses – the next thing we know we
are buying the product. We are not even conscious that we have been
Hoodwinked … that’s the point!

We should be just as careful in orienting our own subconscious as
the advertisers who want us to buy their products. By writing down
goals, reading them daily, and imagining what success will feel like, one
stamps “high priority” in the subconscious, and our mind will work 24/
7 to reach our goals. It’s that simple.

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